About Chess-Tools

Welcome to Chess-Tools

Chess-Tools is a brand of a company with many years of experience in the entertainment industry and is familiar with the work of the professionals on and behind the stage scenes.

Chess-Tools are made for professional users. The portfolio includes tapes in different quality lines, tools and various accessories for the professional use, work gloves and a whole line workwear and many articles in the field of Transport, Protection & Security.

The distribution of the brand has been awarded exclusively to the company Tools on Stage, the knowledge of years of work for one of the largest tool suppliers in Europe can be included in the development of Chess-Tools on sales work out.

The manufacturing of all tools and accessories are examined by our Chess-Tools team with the highest level due to the requirements of European standards and regulations.

Chess-Tools Design

Chess-Tools sales success is based on self-explanatory, sales increasing packaging in unified and high-quality Chess-Tools design.

An appealing merchandise presentation leads to higher turnover. Research has shown that potential customers are more likely to buy a product if taken into their hands.

ADD ON: Chess-Tools offers high-class product supporting displays for your success.

In addition to consumer products like adhesives draw three priorities the Chess tools of assortment that are proven subline on the packaging and in addition the Chess tools emphasize family character of the products.

A Complement of Rock!
Articles and accessories, which are sold primarily to the music shop, but are also happy to find due to the cult status of craftsmen in the luggage.

Professional equipment
Tools with high demands mostly of German or European production.

Own line gloves and workwear.

…but all products combines an important guideline.

Chess-Tools are the best solutions at attractive prices and conditions.