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CT-425 Oil Pen for Music Instruments

no dripping

Precision Oil Pen with a long nozzle.
Filled with a medical, White fully synthetic oil, which is excellent for
maintenance and repairs in musical instruments is suitable.
Content: 12ml / 0.41 oz.fl.

  • 40mm long nozzle
  • Safe and clean application by pate legally protected safety valve
    (No dripping)
  • Not resinifying and acid-free
  • White oil according to FDA standards (United States)

Packing: Each „OIL-PEN“ in polybag with Chess-Tools header card.

CT-425-IL1 CT-425-IA1

Item-No.: CT-425
Qty: 1
Size: 55 x 250 x 20 mm
Weight: 20g